Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crabby's First Boxing Day in NH

This in an entry that Crabby's Host, skier4444 wrote for Crabby's Blog:

We went off on adventure to a place for 14 Boxes called found poetry in Bow, NH. Crabby was surprised that all the stamps were just words and they had 2-3 stamps in container.
He said to me ..they should count each stamp..then we would have so much more stamps.
He was also disappointed that the 14th box- final one, had no stamp, asked you to write poetry. Now crabby didn't happen to have a poem handy to write in the book. We tried for 2 more boxes- one was to much water and Crabby and I didn't want to get our feet wet.
The second one we just could not find. skier4444

Sunday, November 9, 2008

scrapping weekend!

Finally the weekend for scrap booking arrived! Holly, Crabby and Wormy were excited too. Holly's logbook was going to get finished, Crabby's was going to be made (finally) and Wormy was to get his stamp and a logbook! I also had plans of making my LTCs for some swaps that are coming up. All this to do and 263 pictures ordered from Snapfish to scrap...can you say I am a little overscheduled? Well, the pics arrived from snapfish and all the faces were blurry so I guess I don't have to worry about scrapping those! I started on Crabby's book. Here are the friends with the finished project: Crabby is very impressed with his new book! Look closely at Holly in the top picture...can you see the Cootie that she picked up in the hotel? Crabby is laughing at her that she got "cooties". He wasn't laughing a little bit later because he found one on him too! Holly got the hospital germs cootie and he got the necktie cootie. We were so surprised because now I actually know what a cootie is! Here I thought it was kind of like a Quisp...a piece of paper htat you put in someone's bag; but it really is just a tiny little letterbox complete with stamp and logbook! After the initial disgust of getting cootied the friends are anxious to make their own and send them out in the wild! The only problem is that we don't know too many letterboxers in the area...maybe there will be another meet soon???? (HINT HINT)
Since it was a Halloween crop we made (and received) some Halloween cards from the members there. This one was Crabby's favorite...he really loved the little pumpkin on the fence.

The adventurous three wanted to check out the pool but thought that the water was probably way too deep for them to be swimming! The chlorine fumes were also very strong and Holly got a headache right away...I took them off to the room and put them to bed for a nap. They snuggled right down in the sheets and drifted off! I guess it was a lot of activity for the buddies in one day! The best part was that we had two more days of scrapping, chatting and eating to go!!!
On the following day we even got to do some letterboxing! There was a box right in town that the Girl scouts had planted. As usual, it was a park that I did not even realize was there! I just love the discovery part of this hobby!