Sunday, December 21, 2008

Crabby is Back!

It has been some time since I have written about the adventures to my little crab....he had a grand one when he arrived back in Wisconsin last week. It seems as though the post office thought he was a real crab in real life! Now we all know that our buddies are "real" but usually in the regular world they are not. I went to the post office to mail out some postal letterboxes and the clerk said, "oh yeah, get her crab from the back." I said, "Crabby's here!!!" and she wondered aloud if he was still alive. I looked puzzled and the clerk said, "you mean it's not real? We treated it as a live animal and rushed it right in because of the label!" HA HA HA!!! Pulled one over on the post office! The label said "CAUTION: box contains a crab." Crabby had wanted me to put that on there because he did not care to be jostled on the plane. That was all.
I quickly headed for home so I could get Crabby unpacked and introduce him to my new buddy that I was hosting.
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