Saturday, June 13, 2009

Duck Surprise

May 25, 2009 - Orono, ME
Back in Maine again - and what better place to letterbox on Memorial Day than in a cemetary? Here we are joined by OnTheCorner, otherwise known as Agent S.'s mom. The Duck Surprise series of 2 boxes is hiding in Riverside Cemetary on the bank of the Stillwater River in Orono - the series actually used to be called "Two Bee or Not Two Bee", and when we found half of it last summer Two Bee was missing from the hollow stump, but Not Two Bee was to be found in the fairy house tree. Now the hollow stump houses a new stamp called Duck surprise, and Crabby also got to find Not Two Bee. The hollow stump is a great letterbox spot because it's in a very old -circa civil war- hidden part of the cemetary that is down a steep hill and not visible from the main area. Crabby and Whitney perched on Bertha E.'s stone to look at the hollow stump, and later they are seen peaking out of the "fairy house."

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