Saturday, June 13, 2009

Get Lost! ... again

May 25, 2009 - Bangor City Forest (Bangor, Maine)
Once upon a time last summer, Agent S. and OnTheCorner (with the boxing buddies Zamboni and James Bone) went searching for an LBNA letterbox called Get Lost! - It took them 2 attempts to find this box, located in the far far recesses of the City Forest. When it was finally located late in the fall, a bonus box clue was also discovered. This bonus box is located on Woodchuck trail, an unmarked trail that appears on internet maps but not on any posted maps in the forest. All we knew of it was that it connects the Veazie Railroad Bed trail to the West trail. We looked for it that same day, spent several hours walking along the old railroad bed, but found no connecting trail and had to turn back.

Which brings us to today - the clue for Woodchuck trail has been waiting patiently for a second attempt. Armed with more internet map printouts and a description of the trail, we set off along West trail this time - with Crabby and Whitney in tow - thinking to come at the trail from the other direction. About a half hour into our hike we decided to consult the clue - but OnTheCorner couldn't find it!!! The bonus clue was written on a small fortune cookie size slip of paper - but it was no where to be found in our boxing gear, and a call home to dad revealed it had not been left on the table in plain sight (thought that's where it turned out to be hiding). Determined to find this box we decided to re-visit "Get Lost" and get the clue again - though this was no small undertaking, being on the opposite side of the forest about an hours walk away. Crabby and Whitney enjoyed finding this box and stamping in, though they got bit by a few mosquitoes in the process. Along the way we found some lovely wildflowers, and lots of Ladyslippers like Crabby is seen here with.

Armed once again with a clue, we set out to find Woodchuck Trail. The description of the trail stated that it branches off West trail and there are two cedar trees at its start. After much walking we found a likely trail with such cedars - but then the trail quickly came to a fork which our description said nothing about - and we picked a direction hoping it would lead towards the railroad bed, then came to another surprise fork and picked a direction ... and soon we came to an intersection - but we were back on West Trail! Finally after four hours of wandering the woods we had to give up the letterbox hunt in favor of eating lunch - only to discover that our favorite post-letterboxing in city forest lunch burrito shop is closed on Memorial Day - 2 bitter disappointments in a row!

Woodchuck Trail - we will find you someday.
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